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Rühl Puromer


Rühl Puromer GmbH

Rühl Puromer GmbH 
Contact Dr. Ulrich Fehrenbacher
Adress Hugenottenstraße 105
D - 61381 Friedrichsdorf
Homepage www.ruehl-ag.de
Profile About RÜHL PUROMER (www.ruehl-ag.com)

With more than 45 years of practical experience, RÜHL PUROMER GmbH is one of the leading independent system houses for the development and production of polyurethane (PU) systems in Europe. Under the slogan of “PUre Diversity”, individually tailored, fluid 2-component PU systems are developed and produced - whether soft or hard; foamed, compact or with an integral skin; unfilled, filled or fiber-reinforced. RÜHL PUROMER GmbH’s clients process these fluid systems for a wide variety of structural parts, such as seat padding for office chairs, sound insulation parts in the automotive industry, armchairs and grips, orthopedic shoe inserts, isolation components for the construction and sanitation industries, casing components for medical technology, frames and profiles in the caravan industry, furniture edges for school furniture, parcel shelves, loading floors and exclusive wooden trim for cars. Another field of business consists of specialties in the field of polyester(UP) resins for glass fiber-reinforced plastics (GFRP), with a focus on polyester (UP) foam resin systems. These efficient fiber composite systems are implemented when complex or large-scale components with good surface quality and low weight are required. Example applications include roof modules for special vehicles such as ambulances, rear modules and front masks for mobile homes or cladding parts for trucks.

Hugenottenstraße 105
D-61381 Friedrichsdorf
Dagmar Fehrenbacher
Telephone +49 (0) 6172 / 733 – 279