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TU Dortmund - WPT


TU Dortmund – Department Materials Test Engineering

TU Dortmund – Department Materials Test Engineering 
Contact Prof. Frank Walther
+49 (0) 231-755-8028
Adress Baroper Straße 303
D - 44227 Dortmund
Homepage www.wpt-info.de
Profile The Department of Materials Test Engineering (WPT) at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering of TU Dortmund University has been headed by Prof. Dr. Frank Walther since the establishment in December 2010.
Research and teaching deal with basic- and application-oriented topics in the field of destructive and non-destructive materials and components testing. Diverse measurement and test techniques are applied to characterize structure-property-relationships, evaluate deformation behaviour and fatigue damage progresses and calculate remaining fatigue life of construction materials. Thereby the microstructual and mechanism-based characterization of the behaviour from Low-Cycle-Fatigue- (LCF-) to Very-High-Cycle-Fatigue- (VHCF-) range is a key subject.
The main modules of the research strategy are the analysis of materials and microstructures, the application of process- and product-optimized measurement techniques for material and component characterization as well as the modeling of properties and the calculation of lifetime whereby all modules are intertwined. The exact assessment of the influence of production and service conditions as well as corrosion states on basic material parameters leads to optimized properties profile and enhanced functional safety of components.