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Current Issues

Innovationstag Mittelstand 2017


18.05.2017 – The PRISCA project has been presented at the Innovationstag Mittelstand 2017 from the AiF in Berlin. The project results and successes have been shown and exhibited by means of demonstrators of a monolithic nose cone and a sandwich seat structure. Each German project partner, as well as project partners from Switzerland, participated. A lot of interesting discussions were held with representatives of the AiF and representatives of other projects forcing further ideas for research topics and optimizations regarding RTM processing of glass-fiber-reinforced polyurethane.


IKV Tagung Innovative Matrixsysteme für die Composite-Serienfertigung, RWTH Aachen


26.04.2017 – With the already available first demonstrator components it could be shown that the PU-RTM can be a successful alternative to known processes and matrix systems. The lecture presented the application for monolithic components and sandwich components.


4a Technologietag, Schladming


24.03.2017 – A comparative assessment of the performance capability of GFR-PU and –EP has been presented at the 4a Technologietag by Frank Walther on 24th of March 2017.


7th Project Meeting PRISCA


21.03.2017 – In Langenargen, at Lake Constance, the 7th PRISCA Meeting took place at SE-Kunststoffverarbeitung. The previous developments of each group regarding the sandwich structure were presented. Furthermore, the attendance at the Innovationstag 2017 of the AiF on 18th of May was approved.


DVM, AK Materialermüdung


16.03.2017 – The PRISCA project has been presented showing the results of the material characterization, focusing on the cyclic behavior. The results have been combined with in situ computed tomography investigations presenting the damage development.


Materials Testing Journal


02.01.2017 – The results of the manufacturing process and characterization of the monolithic components were published in Materials Testing 59, 2 (2017) 109-117 under the title “Comparative characterization of quasi-static and cyclic deformation behavior of glass fiber-reinforced polyurethane (GFR-PU) and epoxy (GFR-EP)”.


6th Project Meeting PRISCA


28.11.2016 – The 6th PRISCA Meeting was held in Friedrichsdorf at Rühl AG on 28th November 2016. The whole project consortium was glad to meet the representors of the AiF, managing the project organization in the name of the German foundation BMWi. The PRISCA project, i.e. the previous results, publications and further activities, were presented and discussed in detail. We would like to thank the BMWi and KTI for the support of the PRISCA project, as the outstanding developments within the PRISCA project are due to the financial founding.


CCeV Magazine


03.10.2016 – The CCEV magazine volume 03/2016 presented the PRISCA project in the article "Schneller und günstiger zum optimierten Composite-Bauteil".


2nd Dortmunder Werkstoffforum


06.09.2016 – The PRISCA project was presented by Daniel Huelsbusch on the 2nd Dortmunder Werkstoffforum, focusing on the materials characterization of GFR-polyurethane.


5th Project Meeting PRISCA


02.09.2016 – The 5th PRISCA Meeting took place in Rapperswil at the Institute for Material Technologies and Plastics Processing on 2nd September 2016. The up-to-date results of each group were presented and the next steps were discussed. In this regard, since the targets of the production process for the monolithic component could have been already achieved, the further work packages for the sandwich structure were defined.


11. Rapperswiler Kunststoffforum


01.09.2016 – On the 11th Rapperwiler Kunststoffforum the PU-RTM process for the production of monolithic components was presented. The visitors were able to convince themselves on the spot about the short cycle time and the excellent component quality.


ECCM17, Munich


13.07.2016 – The comparison of epoxy and polyurethane as matrix material for GFR-components has been presented by Daniel Huelsbusch at the European Conference on Composite Materials 2017 (ECCM17) in Munich, representing the results of the materials testing group.


Rühl Arena, Friedrichsdorf


09.06.2016 – At Rühl (project partner in PRISCA) a wide range of applications for polyurethane was presented within the framework of the symposium “Rühl Arena”. The presentation of the PRISCA project focused on the applications for continuous-fiber reinforced structural components and the advantages of the use of polyurethane as a matrix material.


Schweizerisches Kunststoffsymposium 2016, KATZ Aarau


27.04.2016 – The PRISCA project, i.e. the production of monolithic components in the high-pressure RTM process, was presented at the Plastics Symposium of the KATZ (Plastics Training and Technology Center).


4th Project Meeting PRISCA


12.04.2016 – The 4th PRISCA Meeting took place in Ried (Austria) at FACC. Results of the mechanical tests regarding standardized testing procedures were presented. Furthermore, manufacturing techniques were discussed for monolithic parts and the next steps were defined. During an extensive laboratory and production line tour the current manufacturing processes for the monolithic demonstrator were analyzed.


52. Swiss SAMPE Chapter, DOW Europe in Horgen


13.11.2015 – At the General Meeting of the Swiss SAMPE Chapter, Yves Müller presented the recent developments for the production of PU-RTM components as well as the results of the mechanical investigations.


3rd Project Meeting PRISCA


20.10.2015 – The 3rd PRISCA project meeting held on 15 October 2015 took place in Weingarten - only a stone's throw from Lake Constance.

Looking backward and forward in a great deal of discussion concerning materials, testing methods and requirements in the historical abbey of Weingarten generated lots of ideas and decisions for the future development of the project. Visiting the Testing and Materials Laboratory of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering of Ravensburg-Weingarten UAS marked an interesting and successful conclusion of the project meeting that showed - to sum up - the positive working climate between industry and university.


Visit of the Minister of Economic Affairs


08.09.2015 – The Minister of Economic Affairs, Teresia Bauer, visited the University of Applied Sciences Ravensburg-Weingarten. The PRISCA project was presented by Prof. Niedermeier and the further developments were discussed afterwards.


10th Rapperswiler Kunststoffforum


03.09.2015 – The Rapperswiler Kunststoffforum is an important branch of the plastics industry in Switzerland. At the anniversary event in September 2015, the first positive results of the mechanical testing of coupon components from the project were presented.


CCeV, Group „RTM – next steps”


29.06.2015 – The PRISCA project was presented to the participants of the CCeV during the group meeting of “RTM – next steps” of Carbon Composites eV.


Tag des Polyurethans, Rapperswil


09.06.2015 – The conference „Tag des Polyurethans“ took place in Rapperswil. Yves Mueller presented the PRISCA project focusing on the properties of polyurethane (PUR als Matrixwerkstoff für Composite-Anwendungen).


2nd Projekt Meeting PRISCA


27.04.2015 – The 2nd meeting for project “PRISCA - Polyurethane Resin Transfer Molding for structural composite parts” took place at 26th March 2015 at the Department of Materials Test Engineering (WPT) at the TU Dortmund University. After the review for the completed activities and an informative laboratory-tour at WPT, in the context of constructive discussions solutions and further steps were identified for further research work. The cooperation between industry and university depending on the professional exchange, was strengthened and intensified.


PRISCA receives EUREKA label


02.11.2014 – The project PRISCA recently received the EUREKA label. The project consortium would like to thank the involved foundations. We are looking forward to a successful collaboration.


Kick-Off-Meeting PRISCA


10.10.2014 – The Kick-Off meeting “PRISCA - Polyurethane Resin Transfer Molding for structural composite parts” was held in Rapperswil at the Institute for Material Technologies and Plastics Processing on 10th October 2014. Every project partner joined the meeting, which was used to discuss the project structure and organization. Three groups, i.e. materials testing, tools and specifications, as well as national group leaders were defined in order to optimize further processes.